Bessie Face & Body Glow


This soap is molded and organically shaped, delicately textured and exudes a natural, earthy smell.

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African Black Soap Paste, roasted cocoa pods, palm oil, palm kernel oil and plantain leaves, Shea, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Manuka honey


Black Soap is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which protects against photo aging, improves skin tone, reduces inflammation and skin irritation and has deep cleansing action. Extra Virgin Olive oil helps hydrate skin and prevent the loss of moisture. Manuka honey balances your skin’s pH levels, with antibacterial properties that are effective in killing pathogens including antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the skin leaving your skin bacteria free.

Directions for Use

Wet hands rub a pinch of the Wealth paste on your hands to create a lather. Rub the lathered soap all over your face or body, and rinse. 2-3 times a week


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