About Us

I got tired of my sons allergies always bothering him. Everyday itchy eyes, runny nose, and not to mention eczema in the creases of his arms and backs of his legs. Medicine after medicine, creams after cream, ointment after ointment, I’m thinking something’s got to give. Nothing was working, instead doses of medicine were just getting stronger and his symptoms were getting worse. I started doing research to get to the root of allergies. I found that it has a lot to do with health, what we eat and the products we use on our bodies. My family was consuming a lot of chemicals, not only were we eating them, but using them on our skin as well. Once I understood the problem everything changed. I started researching skin the epidermis and learned everything that I possibly could. I learned what oils naturally heal the skin, tighten, moisturize, tone, and revitalize the skin cells. I noticed several, nine to be exact, oils kept repeating themselves in the different literature I was reading on healing the skin naturally.


So, I decided to buy them. They were shea butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and last but definitely not least, the very powerful moringa oil. I mixed them all together hoping that I had created something that can heal, protect, and help the skin absorb all the nutrients it need. Once the oils were blended it formed into a very smooth soft silky texture, one that I had never really felt, kind of like a soufflé. Excited to use my new souffle, I jump into the shower dried off and put this soufflé over my entire body.


The best feeling I had ever felt, my skin was so soft, light, and moisturized, all the oils had absorbed very well. Next, I tried it on my son, he loved the way it felt. My family continued using the body soufflé I had created on a daily basis. I noticed how much healthier my sons, my husband and my skin became, friends and family did too. They asked what I was using and I told them, it was something I made. Intrigued by my skin and the fact that I made it, people started asking to purchase the soufflé. With every customer leaving happy, I decided to create my own skincare line Wealth Skincare, with the motto healthy skin is wealthy skin. That way I could share my gently created natural product with the world. All skin types deserve to be healthy and wealthy with vitamins and nutrients. I truly believe that the vitamins and nutrient’s, made my skin and family’s healthy. Another valuable skincare product to add to our healthy lifestyle Wealth Skincare.